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Qualified Leader Executive Coaching Program

During your leadership career, you will experience workplace issues such as organizational change, team conflicts, gender bias, work-life balance challenges, and ethical dilemmas to name a few. 

Executive coaching can help you navigate through these types of issues; allowing you to manage your work effectively.  Our Qualified Leader Executive Coaching program is designed to help you tackle the issues that affect you and search for the best solutions.

Here are a few of the conversations we discuss in our sessions:

Do you know what makes you powerful?

You cannot lead others if you don’t know where you’re going. We’ll help you align your core values with your vision to create your personal power statement that reflects who you are and establishes a foundation for getting clear on your definition of success and your career path.

How are you perceived by others?

Understanding yourself helps in understanding others. And the way you lead affects how you perceive others and how they perceive you. Learning what makes you unique and understanding the dynamics of those under you will help you communicate more effectively and you and your team become more productive.

What’s holding you back?

What is sabotaging your success?  We’ll help you identify any limiting beliefs that act as barriers to becoming your best self.  We’ll also challenge any hindering opinions and replace them with thoughts that will guide you to achieve your vision.

Does your image match your skills and abilities?

Executive presence is the ability to project competence, confidence, and poise under pressure. It’s the capability that you can make concise decisions under intense situations. We will help you develop a presence that is unique to you and speaks “leader”.

Get clear on your career path.

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